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PREVIERO is a company that has been led by the Previero family for the past 3 generations. At the beginning of the 1920s, Natale Previero started his activity as a sales representative, dealing with machinery used in the textile and wood industries in the area around Como.

The oldest documents found in the archives of Alzate Brianza describe the beginning of this activity in 1922.

Around the same time, Natale Previero opened a mechanic’s workshop, along with the facilities required for the maintenance of machinery used in the textile and wood industries. In those years these two sectors were among the most developed ones in Como.

In 1950 Oscar, son of Natale, decided to invest in plastic recycling machinery. The field was still new but in rapid expansion and the headquarters were moved to Lipomo.

It was at this time that the production of plastic recycling machinery started, including the blade mill. In the 1970s, production was concentrated on grinding and cutting machines.

At the end of the 1970s, Oscar’s three sons took on the management of the company and continued, with great success, the activity carried out by their father and grandfather before them.

In 1976 Previero begins his activity in Sorema, a company dedicated to plastics recycling.

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