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Areas of Activity

  • Chemical Industry


    In polymerization plants for synthetic rubbers, it is necessary to use granulators to break the rubber crumbs and stabilize the material flow in section of process as drying or weighing and bales packaging.

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  • Rubber re-work package


    The re-work package is used to recover bales out of specification.

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  • Continuous compounding


    The technology of continuous mixing is growing rapidly both for the production of rubber compounds and for polymeric alloys. Plants are available for many applications and capacities.

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  • Adhesive masses


    The natural and synthetic rubber bales are prepared and placed on the storage belt. The size of the ground material can vary according to the requirements and either single or two-stage grinding may be adopted.

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  • Cube dicers for rubber extrusion


    The bands of rubber compound coming in line from the batch-off or from off-line pallets are introduced into a cube-dicer to be cut to the desired dimension.

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  • Tires production plants


    The plant is able to directly grind standard 25-35 kg bales of synthetic rubber and110 kg bales of natural rubber. During the grinding process, liquid or powder form anti-sticking material can be automatically dosed.

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  • Recycling


    Previero offers a wide range of complete recycling system for all main type of rubber waste generated by industrial process or from used tire collection.

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  • Synthetic Rubber


    The standard shaped bales of synthetic rubber and thermoplastics are placed on a feeding belt to be transported to an automatically fed granulator.

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